Personally protected

D&O insurance

The risk of being held personally liable for the consequences of erroneous professional decisions or corporate malfeasance and, possibly, of being held liable with one's private assets, is always a topic of discussion. For this reason, coverage for financial losses caused by breaches of duty by executive bodies and employees is an essential element of the insurance concept for companies.

Our concepts here also provide exclusive insurance coverage for intentional breaches of duty and financial losses caused by intent.

In addition to coverage for financial loss, decision-makers are exposed to other risks. One of these is that criminal charges are brought against them. 

Sometimes, in fact, such charges are unjustified. This, however, often becomes only evident at the end of lengthy proceedings.

The consequences solely of such accusations being made are often unpredictable for the employment relationship, for one's own professional reputation and for one's private environment. In such situations, good advice is expensive. But decision-makers should be able to afford it. Geerken + Partner provides a coverage concept that is specifically tailored to your specific management needs.

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