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Trips, excursions and events

If you are organizing a trip, a holiday camp or an excursion, you already have plenty of work to do in the planning phase. However, you certainly need to keep one important aspect in mind during your travel preparations: the safety of your travel group.

Participants and hosts, their belongings, personal property or the property of others can be damaged.

Therefore, checking and ensuring the necessary insurance coverage is an important part of the planning. Good insurance protection cannot prevent something from happening, but it can mitigate the financial consequences.

We offer insurance protection for the following activities:

  • Trips, excursions, holiday camps

  • Seminars, trainings, conferences

  • Reconvalescence treatments

  • Day trips

  • Events and meetings

Are you planning a trip, holiday camp or event? Our travel team will be happy to assist you in finding the appropriate insurance coverage.